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You are an amazing man.  You are kind and generous, warm, whip smart and funny as hell.   You are my 2/3 nerd.  I love and appreciate you for all that you are. 


On our first date, I called to let you know I was running late and you said no problem and went and got me a green tea for our walk around Lake Merritt.  Your were patient, understanding and thoughtful right out of the gate.  After our date, I thought to myself, “Oh crap, I think I just met the man I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”  By our third date, I was married to you in my heart.  Two months into the relationship, you took me to Disneyland for Valentine’s Day. That pretty much sealed the deal.  During that trip, our connection was so natural and easy.  I felt as if I’d known you all my life.  As our relationship unfolded, you continued to surprise and delight me.  After I saw your one man show, you asked, “Do you still like me?” I told you, “More than ever.” That was the night you met Anne, the first of many family members.  Her approval was resounding.  For your big family debut, you wore a silver bow tie, high tops with light up soles and busted out your best dance moves when the sun went down.  Again, you were received with resounding approval.  When I moved in with you and you agreed to remodel the kitchen (for me), you stole the hearts of every woman in my life.  It was a grand gesture like no other.  


Jerry, you make me laugh everyday.  Sometimes at you, sometimes at myself, but mostly at life.   

You embrace Ashley, Kora and my mom as your own.  

You say yes to my family, both given and chosen.

You help me shift from feeling overwhelmed to self acceptance on a near weekly basis.  

You see me for who I am, you welcome all of my parts and I always feel loved and accepted in your presence.

You make my life better everyday.

You have helped me become the best version of myself, Jerry.  Your unconditional love teaches me to love myself exactly as I am.


As we begin this next chapter of life together, I know that as long as we are together, we will be home.



I promise to stand by your side, whatever life gives us.

I promise to remember your enduring good intentions when you unknowingly ruffle my feathers.  

I promise to support your creativity, your love of  professional sports and your enthusiasm for especially large dogs.

I promise to make you bone broth and vegetables.

I promise to tell you the truth and trust that you are strong enough to hear it.

I promise to speak your love language of hugs, kisses and touch.  I promise to snooze button snuggle you before I get out of bed in the morning.  

I promise to laugh with you, grow with you and love you for the rest of our lives no matter what.


You are my most favorite person.  I love you Jerry. 

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